Hey there!

I am really, seriously, SOO thrilled you're here! 

I'm Katherine, the Creative Mastermind behind PfitzSewSwell, where handcrafted couture never fit so swell.

I create PfitzSewSwell Originals for people who are totally into designing Originals and accessories in JUST the color they love!

I help you get exactly what you want—an Original that is true to you!

I'm addicted to creativity and inspired by your ideas!

You'll leave feeling like I read your design-inspired mind.

A PfitzSewSwell Original stands above the rest because:

— Our color combinations are spot-on, 

— Originals are effortlessly stylish, and 

— You won't get an ugly bag!

You get to select the leather color you'd like for each Original. Each bag is cut by hand and then sewn on an industrial sewing machine in the PfitzSewSwell Studio. Finally, it's packed up with love and care and sent off to you!

My work has been featured by Tula Pink, Chris W Designs, & Emkie Designs

What do I do when I don't sew? 

Well...hmmm...seeing as I sew ALL THE TIME....

I love to indulge in entire seasons of New Girl (yes...again!), have seriously epic dance parties (even if I'm the only one dancing!), sing along to every song I hear even if I don't know the words, and spend time with my wonderful rocket scientist husband. 

YAY! Thank you SOOO much for reading about PfitzSewSwell! Yippee! :)

— Katherine